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Artist Statement:

As a painter I'm interested in evocative images with ambiguous content to suggest memory. I start with collected imagery sourced from old magazines, photographs, film stills and drawings.  Large paintings are made from small sections of these images which are isolated from their context to create indistinct spaces and compositions.

Translating this unclear image into paint is analogous to the way an image is thought of or remembered. Constructing the painting is akin to the pursuit of a lost memory. The finished painting represents how an image can repeat in memory, continuing to be altered by the viewer's own thoughts and associations but in the end, maintains part of its original form.

I explore the workings of memory through a range of painting techniques. Vague, imprinted markings are contrasted by thick layers of paint creating both depth of field and a suggestion of old versus new, past versus present.  Applying and removing paint builds incidental traces and residual marks. This process; acted out over time is symbolic of time passing and the traces left behind.  

Forms interconnect through the process of cutting and reassembling the canvas substrate after it is painted.  Fluid painting, punctuated by hard lines and graphic edges create a collage-like tension of surface against abstract imagery; the feeling of something static next to something in motion. Both illusions convey a sense of contrasting time.

Subtle mark-making replicates delicate creases or scuff marks from the original source image and are contrasted by the varied paint applications used.  This, combined with muted yet intense use of colour creates a play of depth pulling the viewer in.The suggestion of imagery and abstract details that are not immediately understood trigger the viewer's associated thoughts and memories which then gain traction within the spaces in the work.


Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK. BA Hons Fine Art 


2019 Surface Shape, (solo) Dianna Witte Gallery Toronto 

2018 Winter Show, Parts Gallery, Toronto

2017 Winter Show, Parts Gallery, Toronto

2016  Europa, Transition Gallery, London, UK

2015 Thames Art Gallery Juried Exhibition, Chatham    Curated by Sky Glabush

2014 Insomnia, Red Head Gallery, Toronto

2013 More Than Two (Let It Make Itself), Curated by Micah Lexier, The Power Plant, Toronto

2013 Ur, Curated by Katherine Tulloh, Transition Gallery, London UK

2012 Templates (Solo), ATTI Gallery, Toronto

2012 Group Show, ATTI Gallery, Toronto

2011 Edits (Solo), Communication Gallery, Toronto

2011 Gallery Retrospective Group Show, Communication Gallery, Toronto

Public Collections:

Christ College, Cambridge, UK

Sheffield City Council


Short Film- How To Keep Your Day Job, Director Sean Frewer, 2012 

Creating Our Families, Director Pam Baer, To be released.  

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